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Can I get fired for coming to treatment?
The Americans with Disabilities Act protects most patients from being fired if there have been multiple write ups or other disciplinary measures taken this can affect the person's job security.

Will my treatment be covered by insurance?
Most insurance provides coverage for mental/nervous and substance abuse treatment. However, often the coverage has additional limits/restrictions compared with other medical insurance coverage. In Alabama, as well as nationally, efforts are being made in the legislatures to require parity of coverage of mental illness and substance abuse treatment. Riverbend always verifies the individual's insurance coverage prior to their receiving services. This information is then given to the individual should there be any limits/ restriction to their coverage.

Is my treatment confidential?
Riverbend maintains privacy of all health information, adhering to all federal and state guidelines regarding the release of treatment information. Unless required under law, no information may be disclosed without a written consent.

What is the average length of treatment?
The length of treatment is individually determined based on the severity of the problems and the intensity of service needed to address those symptoms. As with other health care treatment, some individuals may only require brief intervention while others may require life long monitoring and maintenance.

How do I get someone enrolled in treatment at Riverbend?
It is always best for the individual seeking services to call (256) 764-3431 and schedule an appointment for an Intake Assessment. This step empowers the individual to assume a level of responsibility for their treatment and, therefore, making treatment more effective. The Intake Assessment process is designed to determine the initial level of service needed to address the problem/symptoms and explain the treatment process. Should the individual be unable to call themselves, a family member may call to initiate the process.

Do you have inpatient, hospital treatments?
Riverbend does not operate an inpatient treatment facility. However, our psychiatrists admit to a local hospital that operates an adult inpatient treatment facility.